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Our Story

Travel, you'll have time to reflect

Our Story

We’ve always been captivated by time. It’s a mind-blowing phenomenon. Over the years, it’s divided many great men, with Newton claiming it to be absolute and Albert Einstein proving it to be relative. To be honest, in terms of science, we don’t know what to believe.

Something we do know however, is that in whatever way you choose to spend your time, you should look amazing when keeping track of it. We also know that watches are something more than just a means of telling the time. Full of valuable memories, its purchase is often linked to a personal milestone: the first promotion, a graduation, marriage or the birth of a child. Naturally, it’s also the perfect gift for someone you love.

Almost exactly one century after wristwatches became popular we decided to make one of our own. When we started looking at the design and feel of our very own watch – we chose to look and be inspired by the other things we love.

We spent our youthful summers on the Balearic Isle of Ibiza. It’s such an amazing place; the dry rocky coastline, the smell of ancient pine trees and the warm evening air filled with the chi-chi-chi of a thousand crickets. The well healed come here in the summer – and we all know how they’re never wrong about anything!

For our very first timepieces, we’ve combined this lovable feel of the Balearic Isle with an immense focus on materials and detail. The polished finishes and the crisp dial with its hand-applied markers blend together perfectly to create a stunning looking watch. All our models sport stunning dauphine hands, and most of you will recognise the blue anodised hands of the white dial version – an exciting contrast that we’ve all grown to love. We even removed the second hand to minimise any clutter.

One could say it’s a traditional watch, with a dash of new.

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